Welcome to how competitive paintball is meant to be played! Our XBall format is run as a true match style of RaceTo-4 play. Two teams face off with a full 12 minutes of potential play time. Two minutes separate each point played so that teams can regroup for the next. This is a fast paced format with a full match usually lasting 30 minutes. Roster sizes average 7-10 players. Be prepared to play back to back points and have paint podded up and ready to go!

We host Division 4, 3, and higher teams in our XBall format.

Division 4 teams are allowed two Division 3 players, or one Division 2 player, or possibly one of each player if the allocated PBLi points allow it.

Division 3 teams are allowed two Division 2 players, or one Division 1 player, or possibly one of each player if the allocated PBLi points allow it.

Mostly, what you need to know is:

– This is a RaceTo-4 format (best of seven) with modified round robin scheduling. (Each team will play a minimum of four matches in prelims.)

– All players and staff will need a valid form of state issued I.D. to check in. We are a PBLi approved league and do require PBLi ID cards for all players and staff that intend to enter the pits or playing field. ID cards will be printed at the field the day of the event. ***More information here***

– Players are allowed to shoot a maximum rate of fire of 10.5 bps and must use the NXL’s Millennium firing mode.

– This is a “No Coaching” format. We always welcome players and spectators alike to watch and cheer from the sidelines, but no person should assist a player on the field while a point is in play.

– The MVPS uses a flagless scoring system. To score a point, a player must press the score button on the opposing team’s start box. Pressing this button will stop the game time and earn your team a point given that the player pressing the button is ruled clear of hits by the referee.

– If there are any other questions that need to be answered ahead of time, please Contact Us or view our MVPS rule book here.