Expired compressed air tanks can be extremely dangerous! While this is a very serious issue, it is also an extremely avoidable one. All air tanks have an expiration date of 3-5 years. This date is clearly labeled on the bottle for all to see. Once this date has passed, the air tank can be re-certified through the process of hydro testing for another 3-5 year period. This new date will be permanently placed on the bottle for all to clearly see.

The Maximum Velocity Paintball Series has a zero tolerance expired air tank policy. If one is found in the pit area or on field, the tank will be confiscated, the player’s ID will be held, and the player will be fined $100. We do not like fining anyone, but this truly is a serious safety issue; one that is easily avoidable. On the payment of the $100 fine, the player will be returned their ID card and also their tank. The tank must be put away into one’s vehicle or similar storage.

If any player is not certain of their air tank’s validity, all MVPS staff can assist in reading the tank’s expiration date. If you want to double check your air tank’s validity before tournament time, please feel free to send a picture of the label directly to us through the form below.