Pre-Order Paint

The Maximum Velocity Paintball Series is an Event Paint Only style tournament. To create the most level competitive playing environment, we require all participants to use the paint we provide for that specific weekend of the event. If you are interested in pre-ordering paint for any of our events, please click HERE for preorders.

Paint can be purchased at the event and also pre-ordered at a discounted price. To maintain the pre-order price at the event, just pre-order 6 or more cases before hand, then you’re locked in! There will be unlimited amounts of G.I Sportz’s Tournament grade paint at all events, but limited quantities of G.I Sportz’s Professional grade paint. Be sure to reserve the best paint available to guarantee that podium spot!

The paint pre-order deadline is always the Monday before the event at 11:59 PM.

G.I Sportz Tournament grade pre-order:   $48 – Tax Included.

G.I Sportz Professional grade pre-order:   $54 – Tax Included.


*Teams that do not pre-order paint will be paying an additional $5-6 per case to the advertised price above.

**Teams may roll over a maximum of 5 cases to our next event in the same season.

***Teams may not roll over any amount of paint into another season other than our finale’s prize paint.

****Paint tickets expire once the event they are used for has passed. Please don’t forget to redeem them by Sunday night of the event!

*****Paint tabs left open past Sunday night of the event will be charged a $50 close out fee.