Welcome back to classic paintball, but with a few fun twists from the MVPS!  This style of play is a first ever 8 versus 8 traditional scoring format that uses a modified NXL mechanical rule book. Most of the modifications have to do with roster classifications, coaching, and format improvements.

We host two divisions at the Gator 8, Novice and Pro-Am.

Novice teams are allowed any amount of Division 5/6 players with a maximum of two Division 4 players, nothing more. This division is friendly to tournament paintball newcomers, hopefully even rental players, but allow some experienced friends to join in.

Pro-Am teams are allowed any ranked player from beginner to professional. Bring your local champions!

Mostly, what you need to know is:

  • Two main types of paintball markers are allowed in this competition. Mechanical markers are allowed an unlimited rate of fire, with electronic markers being limited to 5.5 bps in any firing mode. Our rule book further defines a true mechanical paintball marker.
  • This is a traditional scoring format with round robin scheduling. (Each team will play a minimum of eight matches in prelims.) Points are awarded for player eliminations, friendly live bodies, pulling the center flag first, and hanging the final flag.
  • All players and staff will need a valid form of state issued I.D. to check in. We are a PBLeagues approved league and do require PBLi ID cards for all players and staff that intend to enter the pits or playing field. ID cards will be printed at the field the day of the event. Special for the Gator 8: all 2018 MVPS ID cards are valid, or a price reduced card of $10 will be available. Late fees apply if not paid ahead of our normal ID card deadlines.    ***More information here***
  • This is a “No Coaching” format, but spectator involvement is not withheld! We always welcome players and spectators alike to watch and cheer from the sidelines, but no person should assist a player on the field while a point is in play. Spectator/ Player interactions are allowed and we politely encourage heckling; just keep it classy out there!
  • The Gator 8 will utilize a center flag scoring system. Here, cleanly pulling the flag first will award your team points and deny your opponent those same points. This creates a new objective on the field of play and will hope to quicken the pace of game play. Teams are still rewarded the most amount of points for a flag hang, but over a quarter of a match’s total points is from the first flag pull!
  • For all other rule based questions, we will hold a Player’s Meeting before each event. If there are any other questions that need to be answered ahead of time, please Contact Us or view our MVPS rule book here.