1 vs 1

In this format, players will be pitted in a one-on-one double elimination challenge.  Players will be assigned numbers; those numbers will be pulled from a container at random. One by one, players will be matched up against another on field. The winning player walks off safe while the eliminated player gets a punch in his card and loses one of his two lives. Once your two lives are gone, you are eliminated from the tournament. This is a very fun format and we encourage all players to play it along with their normal tournament schedule.


– There are three ways to win in the Exalt Top Gun Challenge: 1. Shoot your opponent first and pull the flag for an easy win. 2.Hang the center flag on the opposing player’s start box whether they are dead or alive. Or 3. Have possession of the center flag when the game clock reaches zero. This is all assuming that the player hanging or holding the flag is ruled clear of hits by the referee.

– Each player has only one minute and thirty seconds to win the point. If the flag is never held or hung during that time, then both players will lose a life. Go get that flag!!

– This event is for all skill levels of play other than professional.

– This is a “No Coaching” format. We always welcome players and spectators alike to watch and cheer from the sidelines, but no person should assist a player on the field while a point is in play.

– For all other rule based questions, we will hold a Player’s Meeting before each event. If there are any other questions that need to be answered ahead of time, please Contact Us or view our MVPS rule book here.

(The Exalt Top Gun 1 vs 1 Challenge will not be held at every MVPS event. If you are coming out only to play it, please contact us ahead of time so we can confirm it.) Most players register for our 1 vs 1 event the day of play, so don’t let a low pre-